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Scrumptious granola. 

Simple, natural ingredients always made with love by hand. We use lots of seeds, nuts, fruit and the whole goodness of jumbo oats. Our flavours are fresh, innovative and exciting and are perfect for any snack. 

Granola is great enjoyed at any time of day, in your baking creation, smoothie bowls or simply for breakfast! All our flavours are suitable for vegetarians and are dairy free. We have vegan flavours too.  


Strength was our very first flavour created in St Albans, during lockdown. We've grown since and gone from Strength to Strength. This flavour is chewy - but still packs a crunch!

Start your day with a bowl of Strength mixed with yogurt - yum.  

G_Apr21_280 (1).JPG

Happy was created for my bestie - she's crazy about coconut. She's constantly on the move so I created this flavour so she always has a go to meal.

She has hers with yogurt and fresh berries! This flavour is really crunchy.


This was inspired by my sister. Unlike my bestie she hates coconut, but adores chocolate - what better way to make her day and incorporate chocolate into her snack.

She eats her's straight out of the box at any time of day to fit around her busy schedule.  Crunchy with irresistible Belgian chocolate.


Inspired by a friend who loves chocolate orange.  If orange and chocolate is your thing - don't miss this granola.

A crisp orange flavour (not just any orange but Valencia orange extract) with rich Belgian chocolate. Delicious!


Wild is our first raw flavour. 

Pure unadulterated flavour - full of whole goodness, oats, seeds, fruit and nuts. No added sugar of any kind - none, zero zip. Simply pure wild flavour!

Suitable for vegans, dairy free and absolutely no added sugar.

To order any of our flavours, see our special offers or select our monthly subscription please click Order below.

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